About Us



Lanka Walltiles PLC  has been producing and exporting high quality ceramic tiles for over thirty five years. The market leader and premier ceramic wall tile manufacturer in Sri Lanka, LANKA WALLTILES PLC is a major contender in the highly competitive international arena, supplying quality tiles to discerning markets. Our product quality and designs are second to none.  We have the capacity to produce approximately 2.3 million square meters of tiles annually. Sri Lanka is a beautiful and diverse country that has an abundance of raw materials for the production of our tiles. We are strongly committed to investment in Research & Development in order that our tiles continue to meet the exacting manufacturing standards of the international marketplace. We are equally committed to the well being of the environment and have many policies in place to help the company be on the cutting edge of green tile production.  Our tiles conform to ISO 13006. A wide range of tiles in a variety of colors, textures and sizes including special trim tiles and decorated tiles are manufactured by the company today.


Lanka Tiles PLC, the pioneer floor tiles manufacturer in Sri Lanka was incorporated in 1984.  We produce a wide range of tiling concepts in a variety of colours, textures and sizes under the brand name LANKATILES.  With a production capacity of three million square metres per year in a facility where design, materials and technology blend perfectly with exciting aesthetics, we deliver a total tile package to satisfy the requirements of designers, architects and homeowners .Our high quality tiles in attractive designs are exported to many countries and the products conform to ISO 13006.  We are committed to the well being of the environment and preserving its beauty.